Astralis discharges K0nfig after the controversial injury

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has suffered a good shake on land danishmainly in the team of Astralisthe most popular in Denmark. Astralis announces termination of the contract Kristian Wienecke «k0nfig«, one of his star players, after the controversial injury he suffered in Malta. K0nfig came from being low in the recent RMR blame for the injury that caused him to have to undergo surgery. Astralis without K0nfig sank and did not qualify at EMI River Major 2022. the danish team announces his departure from the quintet due to what happened and the same k0nfig bill all the details of the controversy and hard situation that he lived during the ProLeague 16.

After the circumstances that occurred, Astralis terminated its contract with K0nfig, who was one of the most important pillars of the team. The decision comes after the controversy in which he became involved k0nfigwhich ended up outside RMR for needing ankle surgery. In your statement Astralis explains that the k0nfig He is not at a time when he can contribute to the team and that the organization respects the situation. The team decides to let k0nfig solving their personal problems and looking forward to changes in the lineup. Secondly, K0nfig explained the situation in full and closes his version of events with a positive mindset with which he wants come back soon to compete.

K0nfig explains what happened after his separation from Astralis

After his departure from Astralis, K0nfig decided to publish a statement via TwitLonger to give your version what happened and your current situation. The rifler Danish reports that has disappointed the fans, community, equipment Y to the himself as a professional, but this will be nothing more than an apprenticeship and an example for him and everyone. k0nfig account that after the defeat against heroic on the ESL Pro League 16the team went out to a nightclub in the night town of Paceville, Malta. k0nfig he went to dinner separately and then caught up with his companions at said place.

In that place, k0nfig was arrested by the doorman of the establishment who did not allow him enter insulting his appearance of ‘tattooed big man’. After an argument, the doorman attacked k0nfig provoking him an ankle injury falling down some stairs. This and other blows ended with k0nfig outside the establishment taking the bad decision to continue the fight with the goalkeeper. k0nfig He was overwhelmed by the injury to his foot and had to go to the hospital in malt. In that place he found out that he needed urgent surgery.

This led to k0nfig to Denmark where he began all his treatment. At that moment Astralis notified the withdrawal of the player for the RMR together with the arrival of Mikkel Thomsen «MistR» from the academy. Right now, K0nfig is recovering from his injury and his two operations in Denmark. In addition, the Danish player says that he is going through one of the worst moments of his life mental level After thinking that his career was over. Finally, k0nfig He closes his statement apologizing and giving a lesson to everyone that violence does not solve anything. We hope to see again k0nfig on the servers, a more than important player who will be out for a while.