Ash Williams defends the Knowby Cabin during Mindless Nightmare 2022

It’s no wonder that the Knowby Cottage has suddenly appeared during mindless nightmare. Ash Williams, the greatest enemy of the Taken, went to the cabin, but ended up encountering a new enemy: the zombies of Mindless Nightmare. Did he unintentionally release them? It’s a possibility, but he’s willing to fight anyway. You can find him around the island, and his outfit is now available in the Fortnite Item Shop!

Celebrate Mindless Nightmare with the new ash williams packwhich includes the following objects:

  • Ash Williams outfit: who is laughing now?

  • Necronomicon Ex-Mortis Retro Backpack: the legend says that it was written by the dark ones.

  • Retro Shotgun Backpack: Two cannons are better than one.

  • Pickaxe Hand Chainsaw: deluxe (can only be worn with the Ash Williams outfit).

  • Gesture It’s a trick!: there’s something down there!

  • Hi Henrietta Loading Screen: someone is in my basement!

The Loading Screen Hello, Henrietta.

Where is the Knowby Cabin (and Ash Williams) on the island? As befits a good cabin, it is located in the western woods of Reality Falls. To see everything else happening during Mindless Nightmare, including special missions, rewards, and looted items, check out our Mindless Nightmare 2022 blog post.

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