Arturo Vidal’s defiant message after winning the Copa Libertadores: “They want to compare me hahaha”

Happy days are the ones you live Arturo Vidal after winning the Copa Libertadores with Flamengo. The King fulfilled one of his most intimate wishes: to be the best in America at the club level. And now, with the continent’s most coveted trophy in their hands, it’s also time to reckon.

Of course, because the midfielder of the Chilean team received various criticisms when he arrived as the great signing of the giant from Rio de Janeiro. One of them was from Cicinho, former Real Madrid defenderwho assured that the Chilean came to Rubro Negro to enjoy the beach.

“Vidal will not win anything in Flamengo, he came to enjoy his retirement, a life on the beach,” said the former Brazilian team player. That motivated the response of the national. “It is difficult to respond to what they say. Each player has a different opinion. If he couldn’t enjoy football and win titles like me, it’s not my problem. If I wanted to go on vacation, I would stay in Chile. I came to play soccerThe King replied.

And today, the former Inter Milan midfielder returned to attack his critics, with a message on Twitter that read “My vacations… champion”, accompanied by various emojis.

However, it was not the only interaction that Vidal made on his social networks, after becoming monarch of the most important tournament at the club level on the continent, since on Instagram he shared a story with his agent Fernando Felicevich.

The message, in addition to containing praise for his representative, also seemed to carry a hint for Elías Figueroa, who during the past week assured that he was the best player in the history of Chilean soccer, putting himself on the wheel of the Rio team.

I was three times the best in America and twice the best in the world, put it that (Vidal) is four times the best in America and three times the best in the world, undoubtedly he surpasses me there”, fired the former defender. And this Monday, the King replied: “They want to compare me hahahaha almost to a champion are they the same ???”.

up to the historical Clodoaldo, world champion with Brazil in Mexico 70along with Pelé, took sides on who is the best Chilean of all time. The former side signed after being consulted by El Deportivo. “Good question! It is very difficult to say who is the best. They are two cracks of different styles, but I am going to rate 9 for Elias Figueroa and 9.50 for Arturo Vidal. They are two cracks”, he sentenced.

A challenging message from the native of San Joaquín, who became the winningest Chilean soccer player in history with his 25th title, after winning the Libertadores in the final against Athletico Paranaense, in Guayaquil.

Arturo Vidal shared an enigmatic message through his Instagram account.