Arturo Vidal withdraws from the lawsuits against his cousin

As if it were a symbolism typical of the end of the year festivities, Arturo vidal sign the peace The King desists from the most noisy legal action that he had ever had to undertake: in April, sued his cousin Carlos Albornoz, who for a long time was his most trusted relative and who was in charge of his ventures. The action also extended to Victor Hugo Albornoz Already Marcelo Henriquez. The first was charged, initially, with the crimes of unfair administration and simulated contract and in June more were added: incompatible negotiation, granting of a simulated contract and fraudulent obtaining of credits.

In those days, the midfielder, who was ending his career in Europe after defending Inter Milan, he was convinced that he had been betrayed by those he considered part of his most iron circle. Through social networks he had given powerful signals, How to upload an image to Instagram in which you replaced the faces of those referred to with mouse emoticons. He had also paraphrased the song Rata de Dos Patas, by Paquita La del Barrio. He was angry and reasons, at least, he seemed to have: He claimed economic damages for US$ 5 million and placed special emphasis on the transfer of assets that he claimed had never been granted a visa and million-dollar credit requests in which he appeared as guarantor.. The outlook was bleak. The footballer felt, rightly, cheated.

Over time, however, Vidal was processing and understanding the origin of the large losses. He assumed, for example, that the pandemic had had a harsh effect on the activities of companies. And, finally, he concluded that there was no intention to defraud him.. In this sense, the exhaustive review of the Albornoz accounts weighed, which included specialized expert opinions. In that context, he chose to drop the charges.

Carlos Albornoz, cousin of Arturo Vidal and, at the time, one of his trusted men.

On November 30, the Seventh Guarantee Court of Santiago learned of the action that puts an end to the dispute, at least from a legal point of view. On December 6, in fact, the dismissal hearing was held. The parties, represented by their respective lawyers, formally communicated the withdrawal to the court. “The plaintiff expressly and totally withdraws from the criminal complaint and the extension of the same filed in the present case. The criminal complaint was filed by Mr. ARTURO ERASMO VIDAL PARDO on April 21, 2022 and in it the crimes of unfair administration, provided for and sanctioned in article 470 No. 11 of the Penal Code and granting of a simulated contract, of article 471 No. 2 of the same legal body. The complaint was admitted for processing by resolution dated April 22 of this year. The expansion of the criminal complaint, for its part, was admitted for processing by means of a resolution dated June 2 of this year and in it the crimes of unfair administration, incompatible negotiation, granting of a simulated contract, and fraudulent obtaining of credits were charged.illicit activities foreseen and sanctioned, respectively, in articles 470 No. 11, 240 No. 6 and 471 No. 2, all of the Penal Code and in article 160 of DFL 3 on the General Banking Law, respectively”, the presentation states. that realizes the understanding.

In the letter, special mention is made that the agreement covers Víctor Hugo Albornoz and Marcelo Henríquez. And added: “To each and every one of the natural and legal persons who in this proceeding have or may have the status of accused”.

The parties also explain the reasons for the agreement. “The withdrawal is based on the fact that, after a detailed study of the background information incorporated in this case and of those of a commercial nature that linked the parties, which included the review of the background information provided by them, the controversies that existed between the parties”, slogan. The defendants unconditionally accept the total withdrawal of the aforementioned criminal complaint and its extension. In addition, it is established that there will be no new actions. “Waive all judicial, administrative or any other action, existing or eventual, that could derive from the presentation of the complaint and its extension referred to above.”, is added within the accepted conditions. Each party assumes the respective costs of the process.

For the moment, it will be difficult to find out more information, since one of the obligations of the agreement is confidentiality, considering the strong wear and tear that the controversy produced, especially at the family level. During his entire existence, Vidal had considered the Bathrobe as the substitutes for the paternal figure, considering the distance with Erasmus, his father, with whom managed to reestablish the link before his passing, occurred in October. It is clear that both parties no longer have business together. And that the King was left with the administration of the Chicureo Club.

Carlos Albornoz, who was the main target, He now resides in the United States, where he teaches classes, given his role as a university academic. Similarly, maintains a house and some businesses in Chile, such as tennis courts. She no longer has business with Vidal. Control of the Chicureo Club was assumed by the King’s new team of advisers, who on vacation has been shown together with his children training and participating in recreational activities at the sports complex.