Arturo Vidal opens his channel on Twitch with a bomb against the U

Arturo vidal is launched fully to digital platforms. In the style of other world soccer figures, the King opens a channel on Twtich and it takes little time to add hundreds of followers for the first broadcast. He performs it dressed in the alternative shirt of the National Team. He looks relaxed and without great pretensions from the audiovisual point of view. His thing is to strengthen ties with the millions of followers that he has in the world.

In that plane, the flamengo midfielder It is answering questions from those who followed the transmission. the queries They ranged from video games like FIFA and Fortnite to situations related to soccer.. As on the pitch, the former Barcelona and Inter Milan player did not hide anywhere. It was in this context that Vidal answered honestly. Without any filter, as he promised in the introduction of his new raid.

The most controversial reaction had a definite addressee: University of Chile. “Bitch, the chunchos are bad, it shouldn’t even be classic”, he initially launched, without embarrassment, although in the midst of a loud laugh. Later, yes, he relativized the position. “It is not a joke. Greetings to all”, he complemented, surely with the desire not to hurt feelings.

What do you think of Wheel?”, was one of the queries that Vidal read on the air, alluding to the period in which the Colombian led the Red, initially with the purpose of qualifying it for the World Cup in Qatar and leading the search for the renewal of the national team.

At that time, as in the entire management of the Colombian in charge of La Roja, which ended abruptly due to the meager results and the little identity he achieved with the fans, he once again expressed his support. “Extraordinary person, good coach. He lacked… No. Here in Chile they didn’t deserve someone like that. The leaders, because he is a spectacular person”, he raised.

Vidal went further and even hypothesized about the fate that La Roja could have suffered if the management of the Cali, who arrived backed by a powerful curriculum at the club and national team level, continued. “We ran out of time. Surely, if we followed the process we were going to go to the World Cup”, he raised. Rueda was succeeded by Martín Lasarte. Machete was not able to amend the course of the National Team and Chile, finally, could not attend the tournament that was played in the Asian country.