Artifacts of Chaos is now available to pre-order

NACON and the Chilean developer ACE Team are delighted to announce that Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is now available to pre-order and a new trailer has been released, featuring a formidable enemy: the Corwids.

The world of Zenozoik, where the action of Clash: Artifacts of Chaos takes place, it is home to several clans. Corwids are one of them. These beings live on the margins of society and are moved by an insatiable need for freedom. This “freedom” manifests as a form of eccentricity that makes them extremely dangerous. Axylon is the perfect example: both arrogant and disturbed by his obsessive behavior, this Corwid is a formidable foe.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

The hero of our adventure, Pseudo, must face this adversary because Axylon has one of the Great Artifacts in his possession. In his quest to protect the Child from the tyrant Gemini, Pseudo must obtain these Great Artifacts. Although Axylon initially seems willing to bet his Artifact on the Ritual – an ancient tradition based on a game of dice – the situation quickly turns ugly. Axylon sabotages the game, leaving Pseudo with no choice: he will have to resort to violence to get hold of the Artifact!

Descripción del juego oficial de Steam

You play the role of Pseudo, a master of martial arts who lives as a recluse in the strange lands of Zenozoik. When you come across the boy, a small creature whose powers have drawn the attention of Gemini, the Mistress of Artifacts, you make up your mind to protect him, unaware of the powerful forces involved.

Explore Zenozoik

Influenced by both surreal and fantasy punk, the world and civilizations of Zenozoik are filled with fascinating characters, creatures, and landscapes. He wanders this intriguing world and discovers its ancient trails, inhabitants, and secrets.

Crush your rivals

In the strange world of Zenozoik, your fists are your greatest weapon. Attack, dodge, stun, parry, counter a parry to perform a special attack, switch to first person view to perform unique techniques… It’s up to you how to seize every opportunity to achieve victory and avoid mistakes that could quickly prove fatal.

Customize your combat style

Learn various martial arts during your adventure and switch freely between all of them, depending on the situation, enemy types and your preferences. Winning will allow you to improve your stats and hone your attacks so you can develop your own unique style.

Dare with the ritual challenge

Before fighting, you can challenge your opponent to a game of dice whose winner will set the rules of the match, usually in their favor. Summon a monster as an ally, cover the area with fog, impose shackles that limit movement… Far from determining the outcome of combat, the Ritual represents an opportunity to seize if you win or a challenge to be cunningly overcome if you lose.

an exciting story

Your search for the great artifacts to defeat Gemini will take you far beyond what you ever imagined. As you confront the mercenaries who are after you and forge your friendship with the boy, you will have to face your past and delve into the origin of the chaotic society of Zenozoik.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos takes place in the same universe as Zeno Clash and Zeno Clash II, but is a completely separate game.

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