Artemis I mission shares unprecedented photograph of Earth

The goal of the space project is to have a sustainable and permanent presence on the Moon and one day on Mars.

This Wednesday, November 16, 2022, NASA’s SLS rocket took off from Florida towards the Moon, in the first uncrewed mission of the Artemis program of the US space agency.

Finally, after two cancellations due to technical problems, the third attempt was successful and from the Artemis mission have already revealed a shocking record of what does the earth look like From space.

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“The spacecraft White and metallic gray Orion with deployed solar panels look back at Earth in the distance. The blue and white swirls of the Earth’s surface contrast with the blackness of space“, described from the organism.

From the POT They explained that the objective of this mission is to begin what will be the colonization of the Moon and, later, the domain of the planet Mars.

“With the launch of the Space Launch System rocket and the Orion spacecraft, we are taking the first steps to expand our existence beyond Earth. The goal: establish a permanent sustainable presence on the Moon and one day on Mars. Artemis I is the first step in this process.“, they detailed from the space agency on their social networks.