Arriagada: My relationship with Quinteros is not that close, I don’t know why it hasn’t bothered me

Luciano Arriagadasoccer player from Colo Colo, referred to his departure to Atlético Paranaense after the end of your contract, along with the lack of continuity in the “cacique” and the dynamic with DT Gustavo Quinteros.

“I have always tried to train at 100 and give everything of myself. The relationship with him (Quinteros) is not very close either. I respect him as a coach, but I really don’t know why he hasn’t taken care of me“, said to ESPN.

I wanted to go on loan, but the club didn’t let me. Quinteros said it was part of his scheme,” the attacker confessed.

“I am a fan of Colo Colo, my family is Colocolina to die for, I have been in the institution since I was nine years old and it’s a great shame to leave like this. My dream was to consolidate myself as a scorer for Colo Colo, but unfortunately the circumstances did not materialize. Given the few opportunities I am seeing the best for my future“, he added.

My intention was always to renew. When my dad told me that they wanted to renew, I said yes, obviously, because I’m a fan. From there negotiations progressed and Paranaense’s offer arrived. They had been following me since the sub 15, also in the selection process” he added

He also had words about his situation until the end of the season. “For me, I’m training with the team and I’m available to the coach. I’m a Colo Colo player and if the teacher needs me, obviously I’ll be available,” he said.

What I most want is to go back and do everything in the future that I couldn’t do, and return people’s love. I’m leaving with that little thorn in my side, but I know I’m going to come back and I’ll be another player,” he declared.


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