Ariel Holan explains the great sin of the UC before the U

Ariel Holan spoke with the media after the elimination of UC in the Copa Chile. The crossed DT analyzed the match with the U and explained his most curious decision: put Mauricio Isla as a midfielder in the first half.

The strategist was asked if he considered this elimination a failure and he replied that “the objectives were to get away from the bottom of the table (of the tournament) and qualify for the cups, either via the Chile Cup or the championship. We can still meet that objective, since numerically we have possibilities “.

Yes indeed, the coach warned that his players must “improve a lot. We had the ball, but we kicked little on goal. And games are won with goals. In this series we have not had the options that we should have due to the possession that the team had. There was the Achilles heel of this key”.

Holan then spoke about Isla’s position at the early stage. “We thought that with Mauricio a few meters ahead he would be able to associate with ‘Chapa’ closer to the rival area and Daniel (González) was going to be able to support them from behind. In the first half he cost us on both wings and in the second we improved, but it wasn’t enough to have goal situations to turn the key”, he closed.

Check out Holan’s full conference: