Argentine press does not overcome the trauma of La Roja even while in Qatar: “The band from Chile arrived”

In Argentina they do not forget. La Albiceleste from time to time makes fun of the difficult present of La Roja, which today is far from the prominence that she used to show off in recent years. In fact, not even when they are about to play a World Cup -as one of the eleven favorites- do they stop remembering the National Team. It seems that the two consecutive lost finals with Chile in the Copa América and with their greatest idol -Lio Messi- on the field, they continue to generate scars. A real trauma.

They are so aware of the eleven that Eduardo Berizzo directs today that one of its main sports channels, TyC (Tournaments and Competitions) he again uploaded a video to his social networks to mock the absence of the Everyone’s Team in Qatar 2022.

“Now everything has been bitten in Doha: the band from Chile has arrived,” the trans-Andean media posted, while an absolutely empty part of the city could be seen. Something they had already done, a few days ago, when they showed the buses that the different countries that classified the planetary event will use and in the case of La Roja nothing could be observed.

Uruguay also does not forget that in 2015 and 2016 La Roja was the monarch of the continent. To encourage their team in the event that starts this Sunday, they created a song where they point to the Red. “And if we continue with enlarged countries, salute the most unsuccessful”, they sing and show images of the 1987 America final that they won with a goal from Pablo Bengoechea. But they are not happy with that, because then they add a que “until you know how much the world weighs, if you’re Chilean you can’t talk about soccer”.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Ecuador joined the people of the River Plate after the noisy case of Byron Castillo. The victim? Arturo Vidal, who was botched by the fans of the Tri who were in the final of the Copa Libertadores which he won with Flamengo and which was played at the Isidro Romero stadium, in Guayaquil, where one of the most popular institutions in that part of the world, Barcelona, ​​is home.