Argentine commentator apologizes for controversial phrase around Pele’s death: “It wasn’t my idea to mock”

Alejandro Fabri has been at the center of controversy for several hours. The Argentine commentator, one of the best known in the trans-Andean country, has been harshly criticized for the controversial relationship he made in Pele’s death, just hours after the death of the Brazilian star. “It is a rare thing. To some able that they do not like. Pele He came with Santos to play at the Colón de Santa Fe stadium in 1964, when he was in Primera B. They played a friendly with a Colón team that would be promoted the following year, Colón won 2-1 and from that moment the stadium was nicknamed as ‘The elephant’s graveyard for that Santos from Brazil ”, he started saying.

However, the worst would come later. “And curiously, this was sent to me by a friend, half in black humor… Pelé dies of colon cancer. A half silly thing, half curious, but striking”, he expressed in the broadcast of the Sportia program, from TyC Sports, the chain in which he works.

The reactions were not long in coming. Y the vast majority were condemnatory with the performance of the professional.


Fabbri tries to make up for his mistake. He does it through Twitter, precisely the platform on which he received the greatest number of reproaches. From his account, he apologizes. “Many soccer fans were offended and I apologize. It wasn’t my idea to make fun of Pelé or anything like that. I said it was a matter of black humor and that was it. Sorry. It won’t happen again”he wrote on the platform.

However, not even the act of repentance has diminished the intensity of the reproaches. In fact, his new intervention has been filled with negative comments regarding his performance. For the most part, they point out that he should have thought more before making a comment that his detractors do not hesitate to describe as unfortunate.