“Argentina won its World Cups with cheats and doping”: journalist attacks the World champion and leaves the broom

Álvaro Morales is a journalist who was born in Guatemala, has Mexican nationality, currently works in ESPN and during practically the entire Qatar 2022 World Cup he shot against Argentina and Lionel Messi.

And now that the Albiceleste have lifted their third World Cup, they were no exception. In the midst of the celebrations and the praise that the team directed by Lionel Scaloni has received, the communicator launched himself with everything against the football tradition of the trans-Andean people.

In fact, in the program spicy footballMorales subtracted all the sporting merit from his consecrations:

“Argentina has a football that has won its three World Cups with shameful and scandalous issues, like in 1978 with an Argentine goalkeeper in the Peruvian National Team and an influential government. In 1986 with a cheater and doped like Diego Armando Maradona scoring goals with his hands.

But far from ending there, Morales later launched himself against the trans-Andean idol, Lionel Messi, who for many, after this World Cup, definitively climbed to the Olympus of world soccer. Not for him…

“Messi gets his first and only world title, which is a failure in his career because Pelé laughs at it having three World Cups.”

Finally, the journalist charged against the VAR, which he considered the protagonist in the albiceleste feat. “I also congratulate all the referees who scored penalties that should not have been awarded in favor of the Argentine National Team, especially this Final, which was terrible.”

“And the VAR? Where were the expulsions of Acuña and Dibu Martínez kicking a ball in the penalty shootout? Where was the annulment of Messi’s goal due to invasion of the field? They wanted to see Messi champion ”, he concluded.