“Are you ready?”: the shocking preview of Baltazar’s Law that could change the course of the plot

Baltazar’s law (Mega) is advancing by leaps and bounds towards its decisive chapters, waiting for it to be revealed the big secret of the protagonist (Pancho Reyes) and Margarita (Amparo Noguera).

It turns out that they both had Lucas (Francisco Dañobeitía) when he was separated from his late wife, Paula —who in turn was the nun’s sister. Now, turned into a man, that offspring returned and little by little the characters have learned the story behind it.

Of the children that Baltazar had with Paula, only Mariano (Gabriel Cañas) has found out the truth, while for Antonia (Daniela Ramírez) and Gabriel (Simón Pesutic) everything still remains a mystery.

Now, in a preview of what will be Monday’s chapter of the soap opera, a brief fragment of a conversation between Baltazar and Margarita appears.

“I read Paula’s diaries,” he tells her, who had previously looked at them and found out that his wife was aware of the nun’s pregnancy.

Now, in this preview, he asks her: “Are you ready?”, and she tells him that “Totally ready.” Thus, the question remains whether she asked her to tell the truth to the remaining relatives or if they found some new secret in those pages.

Check the preview here