Archie’s first nanny spoke: she told what it was like to work with Harry and Meghan

The documentary Harry & Meghan has shown several people who have been in the life of the Dukes of Sussex. One of them is the first babysitter for Archie, the eldest of the family.

This is Lorren Khumalo, a nurse who worked at the hospital where the child was born and is also of African origin. A very different profile from what royalty is used to.

It should be remembered that Archie was born on May 6, 2019 at the Portland Hospital, a venue that was not the one that Carlos and Diana de Gales had chosen, nor Guillermo and Kate, when they presented their babies on the stairs of St. Mary’s Hospital .

In fact, Meghan explained that she preferred to choose this hospital because the gynecologist who attended her worked there and gave her confidence.

When Archie got home they had the help of Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother. But when she returned to Los Angeles, they decided to hire Lorren.

Harry, Meghan and Archie

“I felt very comfortable”

“I got a call and they said Prince Harry and Meghan want to see her and talk about taking care of Archie and I said, ‘wait, I have to sit down,’” she recalled.

“I remember I was a long way away, I think I got a ticket, when I got to Frogmore Cottage I saw a tall redheaded guy walking barefoot, and I had bought myself some new shoes,” he joked.

And in this same line he added: “Suddenly everything I thought about formality disappeared and I felt very comfortable.”

Lorren Khumalo
Lorren Khumalo

“I take care of myself”

At one point in the documentary, Markle explains that Khumalo asked them if it was okay for her to carry the little boy tied on her back with a traditional scarf, as is customary in Zimbabwe, and she said yes.

As the dukes revealed, the professional not only took care of Archie, she also took care of them, when they had to travel four months to South Africa. “Shortly after starting we had to prepare for a trip and I said to myself: what do I put in the suitcase for a prince?” explained the nanny.

According to the exact actress, she experienced moments of great anxiety and depression as a member of British royalty, and the professional was an important emotional support for her. “She Not only did she take care of Archie, she took care of all of us. There is no doubt that she took care of me, ”the duchess assured gratefully.

Lorren Khumalo and Archie
Lorren Khumalo and Archie