Apple’s smart glasses will be introduced in the spring. Will there be more delays?

One of the most anticipated products of the year is the Apple’s first generation of smart glasses. The bitten apple company has been working on a product for years with which it wants to revolutionize the market again and which is getting a little closer every day.

The first rumors pointed to the possibility that Apple’s smart device, which would be capable of offering augmented reality in addition to virtual reality, could become a reality throughout 2024. But the Cupertino-based manufacturer managed to shorten the deadlines by what everything indicates that its launch will be this year.

Of course, those of us who expected The Apple Reality Pro would see the light this January, we are very afraid that we will take a jug of cold water. It seems that these long-awaited glasses will be presented in 2023, but later than expected.

The Apple Reality Pro will be presented in the fall of 2023

Or this is what emerges from the latest Mark Gurman leak, Bloomberg journalist expert in everything related to Apple, and who in his latest newsletter has indicated that Apple will present its long-awaited AR/VR glasses in the spring, before WWDC in June to launch them throughout the fall of 2023.

Apple’s smart glasses take shape: new hardware details are revealed | Unplash

To say that this prediction agrees with the last publication of Ming-Chi Kuo, another of the heavyweights in everything related to Apple products, so we can give enough veracity to the published information.

According to the acclaimed journalist, Apple has already sent a prototype to a small group of developers to test the company’s glasses. Of course, this prototype is not definitive, but it serves to see how the feedback is going before solving various “problems” in hardware and software.

As we indicated, Apple’s idea was to surprise in January by presenting the expected Apple Reality Pro, but finally they have encountered some technical obstacles that have made it impossible.

So the company founded by Steve Jobs has had no choice but to slightly change its roadmap. But the American manufacturer has a very clear objective: that the glasses be presented before the WWDC conference in June.

For this reason, Apple will prepare a unique event in spring and that will be the idyllic setting to show its virtual and augmented reality glasses. So, you just need to be patient, since it seems that the Apple Reality Pro will see the light of day in March or April.