Apple Music now has karaoke mode

Music platforms, like any other application, constantly integrate new features and improvements with which they aim to position themselves as the number one platform. However, it is no secret to anyone that Spotify It is the most used music application in the world, something that Apple Music is not very amused by.

This is why the music platform of the bitten apple company is integrating a new function in order to attract more audience. This is Apple Music Sing, a “new and exciting” feature that will allow you to sing your favorite songs. This is how the company calls the new function integrated on December 6.

Apple reported on the new feature via its official blog, where they also explained that users will have the possibility to adjust the levels of voice and letters in real time. As for the lyrics, Apple Music presents multiple views depending on what you want to sing. So if you want to sing with a friend, you can switch the lyrics display to ‘duet’ or even handle background tasks. The truth is that now the letters will light up slowly and to the rhythm of the music, so that it is much easier to follow the rhythm of the song.

Currently, Spotify It has the lyrics of the songs, which you can access by sliding up the cover of the song you are listening to. However, there are a number of songs within the platform that do not have their respective lyrics. For its part, Apple Music confirmed that all the songs in its music library will have the ‘Apple Music Sing’ option.

On the other hand, in Colombia and Latin America in general, we are used to being one of the last countries to test new functions in applications and software. This time, Apple Music announced that the feature is rolling out and will reach all users of the platform around the world by the end of this month (December). That is, at the beginning of 2023 you should already have the ‘Apple Music Sing’ function in your application. The feature will be available on iphoneiPad on the new Apple TV 4K.

“The Apple Music lyrics experience is consistently one of the most popular features of our service,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats. “We already know that our users around the world love to follow their favorite songs, so we wanted to develop this offer further to enable more engagement around music through singing. It’s really a lot of fun, our customers are going to love it.”

Spotify launched its karaoke feature in June of this year, however the approach of both platforms is very different. Apple Music Sing is designed for use especially at parties and gatherings, while Spotify karaoke is more of a gaming experience that records your voice and rates your performance. Finally, Manzana confirmed to our colleagues from Engadget that his new function will not need microphones.