Apple: International Day of Persons with Disabilities


This video follows the journey of 7 people throughout their days, creating art, spending time with family, and going to work or school. Each individual operates with a mastery of Apple’s suite of accessibility features, which in turn enables them to remove barriers and move through the world with more independence and confidence.

Some of the features you see in the movie include: Sensing mode allows users who are blind or have low vision to navigate doors, objects, and people in their environment. Sound recognition alerts people who are deaf or hard of hearing to a variety of sounds, including a baby crying or a doorbell ringing. Voice Control opens up new ways to operate Apple devices with just your voice. And AssistiveTouch creates more possibilities to interact with the technology for those with differences in the upper extremity of the body.

Full list of movie features:

Vision accessibility features:
• VoiceOver on iPhone
• Magnifier, Door Detection, and Image Descriptions on iPhone
• Zoom used with Logic on Mac

Mobility accessibility features:
• Assistive Touch on iPhone
• Voice Control on iPhone
• Alternate pointer controls on Mac, including head tracking & facial expressions

Hearing accessibility features:
• Sound Recognition on iPhone, with an Apple Watch notification

Cognitive accessibility features:
• Spoken Content on iPad

Additional Apple features:
• Siri, HomeKit, CarPlay, Apple Maps, iPhone Camera, and Apple Watch Camera Remote