“Anyone can play in Colo Colo …”: controversial Argentine journalist destroys “Pibe” Solari and ignores the whites

River Plate is still in free fall. Those of the blood band were now out of the Argentine Cup after falling in a penalty shootout against Patronato and, everything indicates, they will end the year without the chance to fight for any championship. They could even be left without qualifying for the Copa Libertadores. It is, until now, the worst season since Marcelo Gallardo took over on the bench.

And it coincides, of course, with the arrival of some values ​​questioned by the millionaire fans, as is the case of Pablo Solari. The “Pibe”, who started as an airplane, scoring goals and handing out assists, has hardly been seen in recent River games, and for that reason, he became the target of criticism from a controversial sports journalist.

Pablo Carrozza, recognized for his constant piques in social networks, set everything on fire from the start: “Historic shame about this Gallardo team, they could not beat a team from the Board of Trustees of Catholic youth that even its name shows amateurism,” he said in his YouTube channel.

About Gallardo, then, he pointed out that “he ends up losing because he didn’t have courage, he didn’t have courage and obviously he has to change the coaching staff urgently. The cycle is complete and he demonstrated it again today, he must have lost it in the 90 ″.

But perhaps his most poisonous darts were against the young striker, who made his first weapons in the Cacique:

“Solari is a game player. They sold smoke with Solari and when I told them ‘calm down, look that playing well against Tigre is no guarantee of anything’… They said he was a crack, that he was for the National Team, a monster that comes from Colo Colo and Gallardo knows him fine”, he began, ironic.

“Well, Gallardo didn’t know him very well,” he continued, “or he’s a guy who wrinkles in decisive instances, because after the Superclásico, which he plays badly, his career went downhill.”

“Today he shows that he can play in Colo Colo, Chile, where it is inter-country football, anyone can play in Colo Colo. The difference is that in Argentine soccer you have to be regular and play all the games, it’s not enough to play well against Aldosivi and Atlético Rafaela, you have to play the decisive ones well and this was one of those”, he concluded.