Antony: “It is the sacrifice we make, the price we have to pay”

Antony (22 years old) cost Manchester United 100 million euros, but not even the staggering figure paid by the English team separates the Brazilian player from his roots. In an interview with Sky Sports, the striker spoke very honestly about his origins, how he grew up and how he suffered until he left Ajax.

Its difficult origins: “He was just a humble boy from a favela who didn’t have slippers to play with, who didn’t have a room, he slept on the sofa. He lived in the middle of the favela, twenty steps from home there was a drug point, in front of my house. Sometimes you were watching a game on Sunday and there was a smell of cannabis that came into the house. There were times when my parents, my brother and sister would hug each other and cry for our lives. There were times, in the middle of the night, when we were bailing out water, with the house flooded, but we kept showing a smile.”

A plan: “I always liked soccer a lot. My brother was always with me teaching me how to dribble with the ball and now he is still with me, taking care of my career, so I always had that plan: be a player, be a player. I’ve never had any other plan.”

Your arrival in Europe: “I came to Ajax only during the pandemic. It was difficult to go outside without my son, I missed the first steps… I only saw a video, but it is the sacrifice we make, the price we have to pay. I do not regret it, for me it is to give him a better future, so that he can be proud. As much as I cried at night thinking about him, I think he’s worth it. He is now close to me, happy and doing well”.

The soap opera of the summer and his signing for United: “It was difficult, I was anxious, I couldn’t wait to get there, to wear the shirt. There were nights when he couldn’t speak and there were also difficult moments at Ajax. Everyone knows, I was in contact with them (United) and I am grateful for their persistence, for their trust and for wanting to sign me giving me hope that it was possible. I’m very happy”.

His scoring debut: “When I saw the ball in the net and people screaming, it was very exciting. The goal was for my family and for the fans”.

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