Antonio Inoki dies at the age of 79

We regret to inform that the wrestling legend Atonio Inoki He has died at the age of 79 after a difficult fight against cardiac amyloidosis.

Yahoo! Japanese was the first media to make this news official. Inoki had been hospitalized multiple times since 2020 due to his health condition. The former fighter and politician was hospitalized one last time in recent days. Several wrestling personalities have expressed their condolences for the unfortunate death.

After a difficult childhood and adolescence, Muhammad Hussain Inoki he began training in the 1960s under the wing of Rikidozan. After a twelve-year career within the JWA, Inoki decided found New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 1972. During his work in the company, Inoki came to compete in companies such as NWF, WCW and WWF, being an unrecognized world champion in the latter.

The legend is also a three-time IWGP heavyweight champion within his own company, and even starred in a historic moment for contact sports as it was his fight against Muhammad Ali. That combat that mixes boxing and wrestling is considered a pioneer of mixed martial arts.

His last official wrestling match was in 1998.. Since then, Inoki has dedicated her career to politics with two instances within the Japanese House of Representatives. He would also go on to found other wrestling companies like the Inoki Genome Federation and ISM.

The SoloWrestling team offers its condolences to Antonio Inoki’s family, friends and close ones.

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