Antonia’s behavior that exalted viewers of La Ley de Baltazar: they compared her to Carlos Pinto

The truth that Lucas (Francisco Dañobeitía) is the son of sister Margarita (Amparo Noguera) seems to be getting closer to being revealed to everyone in Baltazar’s law (Mega).

While the firstborn, Mariano (Gabriel Cañas), already found out, his brothers still do not know the information. However, Antonia (Daniela Ramírez) is the one who is most horny with the subject.

Thus, during the last chapter, Cristiana (Francisca Imboden), the current partner of Baltazar (Pancho Reyes) talked about the issue with Rosa (Mabel Farías), who works at home, about the controversial issue. Suddenly, Antonia appeared to find out what they were talking about.

Later, in the preview, you can see how Mariano and Baltazar heatedly discuss this truth soon to be revealed and, suddenly, she opens the studio door: “Excuse me?”, she launches as she peeks out.

Those two scenes, added to others that occurred in previous episodes, caught the attention of viewers, who have realized that it is not the first time that the middle daughter appears unexpectedly while two other characters are talking.

In fact, some viewers were encouraged to compare her with Carlos Pinto, who in different episodes of mea culpa (TVN) enters the scenes just before a crime is committed.

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