“Another throws it in the head for a mouthful…”: Gala Caldirola exploded after Luis Mateucci’s hair

During the last hours, the big one was armed in Farandulandia after the statements that Luis Mateucci launched about Gala Caldirola in Follow me and I follow you, on TV +.

In the middle of the conversation The Argentine told details about a “minute of fury” that the Spanish had when they met at a disco.

“It was a birthday at Amanda’s in the private part. I was already finishing this party because it was late (…) I go to the bar and I was with the phone in my hand. He approaches (Gala) and wants to give me a rose, I don’t know in what way, I did not interpret it if it was for better or for worse, ”said the former reality boy about the episode that would have occurred around 3 in the morning.

Later, Mateucci said that everything got worse when he decided to reject the detail of Mauricio Isla’s ex-wife.

“He wants to give me the rose and I tell him: ‘Gala. Is it necessary?’ Really, I always liked him, I’m fond of him (…) I don’t want him to even come close to me. A person who shows you those ups and downs, I am not interested in being his friend, ”she added.

But that is not all. Faced with this refusal, Caldirola could not stand it and would have led a scandal in the place.

“There was a vase with roses, he grabbed them and started to throw them at me, he grabbed the vase and threw it at me. She got me all wet. He threw the vase at me, the roses, with water… ”, accused Mateucci, who shocked everyone present in the studio with his testimony.

Gala’s response

And now, the one who broke the silence and attacked the Argentine was Gala herself, who reacted to a publication where the encounter between the two was precisely discussed.

“Let him be thankful because another one throws it at his head for a big mouth,” he defended himself from the outset. And along the same lines, she added: “For always talking and hanging on women and for inventing things to be on the screen. Ridiculous, ”she went through it herself without a filter.

It should be remembered that, a couple of weeks ago, the Argentine launched some controversial statements about Gala on the same TV+ program.

“She’s pretty, yes… but (for a relationship) no”, and “she’s not the same when she’s without, as with (Pinilla)”, were some of the sayings from the trans-Andean that would have caused Caldirola’s annoyance.