Another blow for Dani Alves: they filter the security cameras that dismantle the version of the Brazilian

Dani Alves is in trouble. The former Barcelona winger has spent the first weekend locked up in jail after he you will be charged with an alleged sexual assaulttherefore the investigating court in charge has ordered the prison without a bail option due to the potential flight risk that the Brazilian would have.

During the last hours, however, more information has been added that further complicates his situation. As published by the Spanish media El Periódico, which had access to the reports from the nightclub’s security cameras, which are being analyzed in the investigation by the Mossos d’Esquadra, the player was close to 15 minutes with the complainant locked in the bathroom. The filming dismantles the theories of the player, who has already given three different versions during the interrogations to which he has been subjected.

The player acknowledged, according to TV3 from Spain, that he was at that party, but stated that it was only for a short period of time and denies the sexual assault attributed to him by the victim. Then, in his defense, he first said that I didn’t know the girl whom he allegedly sexually assaulted, then commented that Yes, I had seen her but there was no type of connection and finally, he stated that it was she who harassed him.

While all this is happening, Joana Sanz, Alves’ wife, and one of the first people to support her husband at the first news about the case, asked for privacy through her Instagram account. “I ask that the media outside my home please respect my privacy at this time. My mother passed away a week ago. I have only just begun to assume that she is no longer around to be tormented with my husband’s situation. I have lost the only two pillars of my life. Have a little empathy, instead of looking for so much news in other people’s pain, thank you, ”she published in a story.

According to some Catalan media, In the first hours of Alves inside the prison, the player has shown himself not wanting to eat and emotionally affected despite having been visited by different professionalsincluding doctors and psychologists. In addition, ABC has specified that his admission has been like “that of any other prisoner, despite the media side” and that he will not receive any special treatment.

The judge in charge of the case has considered that there is a risk that Alves will escape in order to “evade the judicial action”, as reported by Marca. The magistrate appeals to the economic capacity of the soccer player, his dual Brazilian and Spanish nationality and because he resides in Mexico, where he was defending Pumas, although after these events he was fired.

In addition, Brazil does not have extradition agreements with Spain, which would increase the risk that the athlete would try to flee from Spanish justice and end up taking refuge in his country without the option of being sent back by Brazilian justice.

At Pumas, his club, they justified their dismissal through the words of their president. “With this determination the club reiterates its commitment not to tolerate acts by any member of our institution, whoever it may be, that go against the university spirit and its values. The National University Club is an institution that promotes respect. We cannot allow the conduct of a person to harm our work philosophy which has been an example throughout history in the training and development of young athletes in our country”, said Leopoldo Silva.