Announcements about the series will arrive in the coming weeks, says voice actor

After several years of having a discreet presence in the video game market, it seems that konami is coming back with everything. Last year there was an event that announced several projects of the Silent Hill series on the way and it seems that something similar will be done with the franchise soon. Metal Gearas stated by several reports.

It seems that Raiden will be back very soon.

New information comes from Quinton Flynn, American actor who voices the character of Raiden. The actor raised expectations when in a Twitter conversation when a fan pointed out that very soon it will be the tenth anniversary of Metal Gear Risingto which the actor responded with a comment that immediately raised expectations:

Stay tuned for things to be announced in the coming weeks 😉

Although the actor does not offer more details it is speculated with a showcase that announces the return of some classics of the series Metal Gear. It does not sound unreasonable if we remember that Konami in his New Year’s message He pointed out that we could wait a year with the return of franchises publisher’s relatives.

Metal Gear Solid Remake could be announced soon

In addition to a potential announcement of a game featuring Raiden – at the voice actor’s comment – ​​there are rumors that there will be a remake of Metal Gear Solid which would be exclusive to PS5. We have not had new news about it, but if there is a showcase focused on the series that was originally born from the mind of Hideo Kojimait would not be surprising if this game is part of it.