Annie Wersching, the original Tess from ‘The Last of Us’ who we also saw in ’24’ and ‘Star Trek: Picard’, dies at 45

The American actress Annie Wersching has died at the age of 45 as a result of the cancer that was diagnosed in 2020. That did not stop him from continuing to work, but the disease has been able to with the original interpreter of Tess in ‘The Last of Us’.

Such was the race Annie Wersching

Wersching made her acting debut in 2002 with a small role in an episode of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’as it happens that her last role was also in that universe, since she gave life to the Borg Queen in the second season of ‘Star Trek: Picard’.

His career was developed mainly on television, making episodic appearances in emblematic titles such as ‘Frasier’, ‘Boston Legal’ either ‘Supernatural’ until in 2007 his first great opportunity came, signing for ‘General Hospital’appearing in 80 episodes of that series.

Shortly after, he signed for ’24’, giving life to Renee Walker in season 7 and 8 of the legendary series starring kiefer sutherland. After passing through ’24’Wersching had important roles in titles such as ‘Bosch’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’, timeless either Runaways.

Of course, many remember her more for her participation in the successful Naughty Dog video game that she recently had a wonderful adaptation to the small screen on HBO. There the role of Tess went into the hands of anna torv.

Rest in peace.