Andrea Freund returns to TV in “The least expected day”: this is what the actress looks like today

The new chapter of “El Día Least Thought” will be marked by the return to the small screen of the well-remembered actress of national television series, Andrea Freund.

Who was the protagonist of the first horror film of Chilean cinema along with “Ángel Negro” by Jorge Olguín, has already appeared in three episodes in Carlos Pinto’s program: “El Niño que Regresó” (2006), “El Plan” ( 2007) and “The Underground” (2008).

“Little by little, that has been my hallmark. I really like the mystery, the dark stuff. I find her very interesting, attractive and maybe that’s why I’ve fallen into those stories. I have walked that platform as an artist and unconsciously and it seems very good to me because it has been very interesting, entertaining and captivating, “said the actress to TVN.

On her return to the program, the interpreter said she was “very grateful that they called me. I found the team top and I found them very professional. I felt comfortable and fully integrated into the team. It was a perfect experience.”

In relation to her character, Andrea announced that “shortly after the events, the world in which she finds herself will begin to be revealed. She is a woman who comes from an ‘ideal’ world, and who, overnight, is destroyed and walks through a tunnel with no exit where she has no control over what is happening, has no empathy with the world and everything starts to come to him. She is hit by a tsunami.”

“It is a very sad and mysterious story where you will see, as in life, that everything is paid for. And to this woman, my character, who is given back everything she does, because as I tell you, ‘as you freckle, you pay,'” she added about the episode that will be broadcast tonight.

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Photo: TVN
Photo: TVN
Photo: TVN