An unexpected compliment and a “gouged kiss”: Carolina Arregui recounted how her love with Roy Sothers was born

“The truth is that I was fine ‘entradita en carne'”, Carolina Arregui recounted in Everything about you (Channel 13), the new star hosted by Cecilia Bolocco.

“When they called me to do TV series again, I said: ‘I want to look pretty'”, and commented that at that time “I could see the ravages of time”.

In the times of Males (Channel 13), in 2003, he decided to undergo liposculpture, for which he approached the surgeon Roy Sothers, to whom he said: “Do you think you can do something for this humble person?”

“Little by little we began to get to know Roy,” he said. “The whole subsequent process came in which he had to see me, and check that everything was fine.”

On one occasion, while she was staying in the Valparaíso region for treatment, he visited her at the hotel to do the respective check-ups. In that, she ordered a pisco sour and a “snack” to wait for her.

“I sat on the floor and hid on the bed, and looked at him,” she said of the doctor’s arrival. “After I put on my gown, he checked me over and told me that everything was fine with the postoperative period.”

the big scene

She accompanied him to the parking lot, said goodbye and thanked him for the obligatory visit, as well as looking at him as if she wanted to say “how cute”.

Suddenly, when he was leaving, he turned around and spoke to her: “Did I tell you that you look very pretty?” Then he approached her and gave the actress a “grooved” kiss.

After that moment, she was filled with illusions and thought: “This can’t be, this is a soap opera, I want to start living my own story.”

And everything flowed: “That’s how we fell in love,” he closed.