An open secret: The departure of a new Colo-Colo footballer was confirmed this 2023

Gustavo Quinteros had not considered him for the year that has just begun and in the last hours the white youth squad found a club in the Second Professional Division.

Colo-Colo continues to work at full speed in Argentina and from within the squad you can already breathe the last days of the 2023 preseason. In parallel, black and white is working on the conformation of the establishment to face all the challenges that are approaching Popular, the closest objective being to conquer the Super Cup against Magallanes.

Given this, an open secret was confirmed in the last hours inside the Monumental Stadium and has to do with the future of a white youth squad. As reported by En Cancha, Julio Fierrowho is not considered by Gustavo Quinteros for the current season, became a new reinforcement of San Antonio Unido.

The 20-year-old goalkeeper appeared on Tuesday, January 10 at the SAU preseason in Cartagenaafter ringing repeatedly in Saint Louis of Quillota.

Julio Fierro will be sent to San Antonio Unido on loan for all of 2023.

A new experience

The national team in the inferiors of La Roja will be on loan all of 2023 no purchase option in the box that Esteban Paredes owns, therefore, at the end of the season he must return to La Ruca to define his future.

The intention of the coaching staff Gustavo Quinteros is that Julio Fierro returns to his level, becomes physically and mentally stronger and, of course, that add minutes so that he returns with everything to the Cacique.

It should be noted that Colo-Colo was left with Brian Cortes and hired Ferdinand of Paul to fight for ownership, in addition to having edward villanueva 18 years old, who is part of Projection Soccer. Finally, and like Julio Fierro, Omar Carabalí went on loan to Unión la Calera for all of 2023.