“An animal, a beast…:” the furious release of Paty Maldonado for a young man who broke the tap in Las Condes

Various reactions generated the video that went viral during the last hours on social networks, in which a young man appears breaking a tap with stones in the Las Condes commune.

The situation became an obligatory topic and Patricia Maldonado even raised her voice to express all her discontent about this violent situation.

“A sick person, an animal, a beast that breaks a faucet just for pleasure. We are not talking about a high-risk population, we are talking about it, you can see a good kid ”, the former Mucho Gusto panelist in Las Indomables downloaded.

However, the singer went further and added: “a bag of bones… tells her: ‘just do it, don’t worry’ and breaks the faucet, the water jumps in a way with all the problems we have in Chile. What goes through a boy’s mind to grab a rock and hit it until it breaks?

The reflection of Paty Maldonado

In addition, Maldonado took advantage of the opportunity to share a particular reflection.

“That’s where the bones should come out… from above, that the pisses are padded, grab a stick and remove the shell… from the parrot with sticks to the bones…, to see if you are capable of going to their populations to swell their balls. You are to blame because you are cowards. They do not come together to go gangbang ”, he launched without a filter.

Finally, he revealed what his reaction would be if he had a close link with the person in charge.

“I, the mother of that poor human being, I hide in the house and I never get out of shame for having given birth to that egg… Because that egg… is really bad birth. Five clubs are going to have to pay, ”she concluded.