Amazon invents a foolproof payment system

Amazon is not a company that is characterized by having physical stores. In fact, its business model is based on huge warehouses and a fast transportation network. But in state Joined it does open small clothing or food centers to do technological tests.

In 2020, it launched a payment system with which it was only necessary to pass the Palm of the hand by the reader. His stores in Seattle (USA) were the lucky ones to test this system and now, two years later, he is going to extend the system to 65 new establishments throughout California.

with the palm of your hand

Once the user logs in Amazon One You have access to your particular Amazon ecosystem, but with the particularity that the palm of your hand will be your new access key.

A precise system algorithms will x-ray the hand in detail and encrypt your data. From that moment, the user will be able to pay in establishments by passing their hand over the reader and will avoid identity theft.

Technology advances exponentially. to identify a fingerprint of a finger of the hand, it was passed to the identification of the expensive and now it will be the hand map that will allow you to pay without the need for more instruments.

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