Amazon explains the reasons behind the cancellation of the Lord of the Rings MMO

A few months ago from Amazon they announced that the MMO that was being developed based on the world of The Lord of the Rings would finally be canceled. Although no further reasons were given on the occasion, Now the reasons behind this have come to light.

Christoph Hartmann, President of Amazon Games Studios, in conversation with GameSpot referred to it, noting that the development was affected when Tencent Games took control of Leyou Technologies Holdings LTd., mentioning that the negotiations became very complicated

“We had a deal with a Hong Kong-based company, Leyou; In my opinion it would have been great to work with them. But then they were sold to Tencent and everything became very complicated”, he explained about it, adding that “Perhaps we could have worked together, but I think we are companies too big to accept a partner rolewhere they have the IP and we develop”.

According to the media, once the purchase of Leyou by Tencent was announced, from Middle-earth Enterprises exercised a recession clause in the license agreement, putting a stop to all development.

Although they tried to reach an agreement, in the end the matter did not prosper and the game was cancelled.

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