Almost 20 years later: they reveal enigmatic messages found inside a bottle in Las Cruces

An enigmatic discovery was made by a team of volunteers who cleaned the beaches of the central coast, specifically in the town of Las Cruces, in the commune of El Tabo.

According to the background, the discovery occurred last weekend, when Emeterio Vera, one of the members of the group, found the lid of a Coca Cola drink.

As detailed The Leader of San AntonioWhen trying to pick it up, the young man realized that it was screwed to a buried bottle. After insisting, he managed to extract the plastic container made in September 2005 and that contained a couple of leaves inside.


Later, it was decided to extract the handwritten texts, which read the following messages, signed by Belén and her “grandmother” Victoria. The letters are dated October 15, 2005:

“In this role we want to perpetuate all the love we feel for each other and for all the beings we love. Whoever finds her, leave him where he is, out of respect for us.”.

The second message says: “If any member of The Beatles or Dustin Hoffmann finds her, give me an autograph, because or if I don’t regret it, do it right here. On the other hand, if Miguel Bosé or Tom Cruz (sic) finds it, do the same.”

According to the aforementioned medium, the bottle was buried again, in the same place of its discovery.