“All those who were speculating …”: Priscilla Vargas joked with the “new woman” who came into Repenning’s life

A few days ago, the rumor arose that José Luis Repenning would have a new partner and it would not be Priscilla Vargas. What motivated the driver of Your day to joke about this new “woman” who would have come into the life of his partner in the morning.

This weekend, Repe introduced the newest member of his family: a dog named Jacky Sparrow who stole his heart. During the morning of this Monday, his partner did not let the news pass and wanted to know more details about her pet.

“Jackeline Sparrow Repenning, she is like a pirate, she has a single spot in her eye. She is baby, she is three months old. She behaves well. She bites everything, I’m putting on my pants and she starts biting them, “said the driver.

After this, Priscilla asked him what motivated him to add a pet to his life, since since she knew him he had never had one.

“I haven’t had a dog for 25 years. I never wanted to have, because part of responsible ownership is knowing whether or not you can have a pet, because you have to be responsible, take it to the vet, not leave it alone, everything that implies and give it love and a home. I didn’t feel ready for that, until I felt ready when all my kids wanted was a puppy,” he explained.

Your day

Then, the journalist explained that the pet had arrived eight days ago to the family. “We decided now to have this wonder,” he added.

“This is the new woman”

For her part, Priscilla highlighted the responsibility her partner had with the pet, revealing that when they finished work she left to go see Jacky.

Later, the communicator then took the opportunity to joke with the rumors about Repe’s new romance.

“For all those who were speculating that José Luis Repenning a couple of weeks ago has a new girlfriend: This is the new woman who comes into José Luis’s life. We present it to you in Your day. So much so that she gives him tongue kisses,” Priscilla joked, making her partner laugh.

Also, the driver gave Repe advice. “Congratulations. I just want to give you some advice about her because I see her so small, don’t put her in bed because you can crush her, “she commented.

Repe then commented that Jacky is a Chilean terrier, noting that it was a breed that he found very beautiful. “Did you fall in love with her?” Priscilla asked.

“Yes, when I was a boy in the country, there was one of these same ones (…) his name was Rambo. We went out on horseback and he followed us everywhere, they are super faithful and very super intelligent. In fact, in a week, she has behaved excellent”, explained Repe.

The drivers then continued to chat about their pets, as Priscilla also has a puppy named Romeo.