All Elite Wrestling fires Ace Steel

The atmosphere in the locker room of All Elite Wrestling went through its worst moment after the conference of AEW All Outwhere a backstage fight took place. One of those involved, Ace Steel, would have been fired of the company, as confirmed by Dave Meltzer, a journalist for Wrestling Observer, through his latest radio program.

It was officially released yesterdayDave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio. “So I guess that’s the first news of that whole situation in weeks. There are a lot of other things going on.”

At the beginning of September Ace Steel’s dismissal was rumored, especially after his physical interactions with Kenny Omega and Nick Jackson in the post AEW All Out backstage fight in which CM Punk and other members of the All Elite Wrestling roster also participated. In addition to allegedly biting Kenny Omega in the arm, AEW staff commented that Steel hit Nick Jackson with a chair.

The situation spiraled out of control after that moment, to the point where several witnesses mentioned that Ace was lucky not to have ended up in prison after what happened. Several people around tried to stop the fight, including the company’s security team. Since then, CM Punk and Ace Steel have been singled out as a bad influence within AEW.

After what happened, the direction of All Elite Wrestling had a telematic meeting with CM Punk and Ace Steel. According to sources, Tony Khan was the person who spoke with the two. There has also been much speculation about the lack of communication with the others involved and the sanctions that may have been imposed. Konnan assured that Kenny Omega could not work in Lucha Libre AAA due to a legal problemwhich would confirm the delicate situation of AEW with those involved.

Ace Steel is a former wrestler who began working in the All Elite Wrestling locker room in 2022. In the eyes of the beholder, was part of the famous promo that CM Punk starred in on August 31 before fighting Jon Moxley again.

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