all about the average price increase of 5% which comes into force on Tuesday

Noa Moussa, edited by Romain Rouillard

Since Tuesday, SNCF has increased its prices by an average of 5% due to soaring energy prices. An increase which will concern professionals in particular but which will spare low-cost trains as well as the Avantage card, the price of which will not change. The cancellation and exchange conditions are also modified.

Another bad news for the wallet of the French. From this Tuesday, the SNCF increases its prices by 5% on average. A measure which intends to amortize the additional energy cost, estimated at 13% in 2023 by the company. However, not all trains will be affected by this increase.

The Ouigo, these low-cost TGVs, will retain their original price, as will the Avantage card which allows you to obtain preferential prices on certain journeys. Its price remains fixed at 49 euros per year. On the other hand, professionals will have to put their hands in their pockets since certain subscriptions concerning them – “Freedom”, “Max Active” or “Business Première” – will increase by 5%.

Cancellation and exchange conditions are changing

This increase particularly affects the most popular destinations during periods of major departures during which prices may even show an increase of more than 5%. The other big change concerns undoes and exchanges. Until now, it was possible to cancel or exchange your ticket free of charge up to D-3 before departure.

This period is now changing and becomes D-6. “We decided to move to D-6 and to increase the fees from 15 to 19 euros to encourage our customers to exchange as soon as possible, a week before, which will allow other customers to organize themselves, to be able to buy and be able to travel”, explains Alain Krakovitch, director of TGV-Intercités. A tightening which will come into force on February 1st.