Alicia Machado reveals what her ideal man is like: “I like them mature”

The always mediatic Alice Machado He celebrated a new year of life and talked about how he would like the next boyfriend to come into his life to be.

“I am seduced by men with emotional intelligence, who know how to manage their emotions. I like tall, handsome men. That is the man I want to come into my life, a man who wants to enjoy life with joy, peace, harmony, together with a very funny woman, who is me,” he said in an interview with the program “Sit Who Can! ”, broadcast by the UniMás television channel.

In the same way, he explained that he likes mature men, and when he mentioned this aspect, he clarified that it is not about age.

“There are 60-year-old men, extraordinary, daddies, chocolates and there are others who look like 14-year-olds. And suddenly you have a 30-year-old boy who seems like a gentleman, educated, divine and you say wow, why am I not younger”, added.

Lucho Borrego, who is part of the entertainment show, commented on the reason why Alicia Machado has not married: “She did not want to, I have been fortunate to be friends with her for many years and I realize that it has not been for lack of offers, in fact she has returned several wedding rings and precisely because she has given priority to As a woman, she has to find a man who is by her side, walking with her, supporting her in the causes that she has, in her work, and she will do the same”.

After this, the Colombian journalist indicated: “She does have the illusion of getting married, many might think that she does not want to get married. Above all, she wants her daughter to see that this man loves her.

On December 6, Miss Universe 1996 turned 46 years old and celebrated with an incredible party surrounded by friends and family, but also left a message on her Instagram account to talk about everything that life has given her.

“What turns life takes, each year that passes, leaves you with endless experiences that are nothing more than the challenges that we have to face, some make you a better person and others face your miseries, if you do not value yourself, you do not you know, if you don’t know yourself you don’t evolve! Grateful 🤩 and with immense energy to start over and above all to love and build harmony and beauty around me! Happy birthday 🎂🎊🎉🎈 to me! Enjoying myself to the full will be my new reality, Thank you 🙏🏻 for so many messages of congratulations 🎉 and blessings! I love them with all my heart”, wrote.