Algramo’s joke announcing a US$ 100 million investment by Cristiano Ronaldo

“How I got Cristiano Ronaldo to invest USD $100 million in Algramo”, was the headline of a post on LinkedIn in which the startup’s head of communications, Cristóbal Undurraga, recounted the story of an alleged investment by the Portuguese soccer player in the startup founded by Jose Manuel Moller. In the story, his author claimed that while he was waiting for his flight, he ran into a Schnauzer. When reviewing social networks, he found that it was Ronaldo’s pet. The story ends with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner deciding to reward him with an investment of US$100 million.. After that, the post warns that everything that is narrated there. it hadn’t really happened. Why did they do this?

The CEO of algramo, José Manuel Moller explains it here: “We are a very united team and new investors are entering this period, so every week we get together and tell the good news (also the bad) that we are having with our financing. Upon hearing this story, which was a dream of one of our collaborators, we laughed so much, that we said, ‘we have to share it’. More than trying to fool people or be click bait, the idea was to laugh with an entertaining story, very unlikely and that made us dream big for a little while. That’s how people understood it too and that’s why it’s been shared so much… maybe it’ll reach Cristiano!” she says with a laugh.