Akuma, Cammy and Ryu from Street Fighter will fight in Fall Guys

All three fighters already have their own outfits and cosmetics in the party royale shop.

Fall Guys does not stop having collaboration after another, being now Street Fighter the new between them. in the middle of a season 3 With aquatic aesthetics and characters from SpongeBob or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim now there are three fierce fighters who are among the most popular.

In the latest party royale update outfits were released Akuma, Cammy and Ryu from the fighting franchise Capcom to buy in the store. Each one has additional cosmetics such as nicknames and their nameplates (PLAYER SELECT) that allude to the image they carry in the rosters of certain deliveries.

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These are the prices with which the collaboration and Street Fighter arrived at the Fall Guys store:

world warriors

akuma and cammy

  • Lot with the two characters– 1200 Alubiones (include nicknames and identification plates)
  • single character – 800 White Beans (upper part – 700 White Beans / lower part – 500 White Beans)


  • Batch – 1000 Alubiones (includes nickname and identification plate)
  • single character – 800 White Beans (upper part – 700 White Beans / lower part – 500 White Beans)
  • Pose Hadouken! – 400 Alubiones

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Keep in mind that since these are popular character cosmetics for sale, there is likely to be a return to the future. For now these will remain in place until the December the first to give players the opportunity to disguise themselves as one of the fighters and confirm their destination to the Dome of Stumble.

The collaboration just coincides with the 35th Street Fighter that was fulfilled on August 30 and with a sixth main installment that will be available next year. As for the party royale, we may see more of these fighters in the future, as happened with Fortnite.