Airbag explodes in the face: The danger of listening to very loud music

In the world of tuning, enhancing the sound on board is the law. Hence, the ‘car audio’ brands propose speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers that can turn the passenger compartment of your car into a true shaking disk.

This is evidenced by some young people in a YouTube video, where they are seen having fun with a huge sound system installed in an old SUV, which trembles completely due to the vibrations produced, mainly, by four bass cabinets installed in the back. rear.

Entertainment that does not end very well, because, as the volume of the music is raised, the vibration of the lowest notes is transferred to the worn trim of the passenger compartment, with door panels that seem about to fall while, on the outside, the window trim is already on the way to the ground.

Just after this point, the car’s two airbags detonate on their own, extending their security bags and giving the young man who was filming the scene with his mobile quite a scare. All of this, of course, without any other vehicle having previously hit the 4×4, which was apparently parked.

A curious phenomenon, which can well be explained by the laws of physics. According to these, the sound is actually a vibratory movement, with a certain frequency. Said vibration can ‘couple’ to the objects it finds in its way, transferring that same movement to them.

In this case, the vibration of the subwoofers must have ‘infected’ the chassis, due to its high force, causing tremors that must have reached the movement and percussion sensors that are usually incorporated in vehicles equipped with airbags, which allow the latter to be fired as soon as they receive impact against an obstacle.

So, at a certain point, the frequency of the music had to match the range of frequencies that these crash sensors support, ‘making them believe’ that the car had collided with something. From there, the signal reached the airbag triggers, and the rest is history.