“After reading that…”: Mauricio Israel lashed out at Yamila Reyna for her statements about motherhood

Yamila Reyna was present this week in the program Buenas Noches a Todos, where she reiterated to Eduardo Fuentes her clear position on motherhood.

The comedian and current cheerleader for Good Morning Everyone stressed that she does not want to become a mother. She even revealed her motives and deep thought about it.

“If I am going to bring who I love the most in my life, why am I going to bring him to a world like the one we live in today? It is my way of thinking, I do not want to hurt anyone with this, but it seems to me an act of selfishness and lack of love to bring a child to the world we live in today, ”he said in the TVN star.

And this Thursday, his sayings were analyzed in the program Follow me the good ones, where Mauricio Israel raised his voice to launch a criticism against Argentina.

“After reading that, I jumped off the bridge,” said the panelist from the TV+ space from the outset. “It is super respectable that I do not want to have children, I want to be a grandfather and they still do not want to make me a grandfather, it is super respectable… you have every right to be a mother, it is freedom and free will, but blame the world now It’s like…”, he added.


“Why he did not say is that I do not like water that is not drinkable,” the commentator insisted in his criticism. “To say that I don’t want to bring them into the world because of how it is, that is to say that I don’t like the color of the roof, that is, you don’t say anything with that and I blame the world,” he added.

In addition, Israel also took his partner to the dance, which was the goalkeeper of Coquimbo Unido, Diego Sánchez.

“She is paired with a person who is a father… what is left for his children, for his partner, that is, ‘you are irresponsible, look at how the world to which you brought children is going,'” he said.

“It charges me that the lame blames the cobblestones,” he reviewed it.