After four years together: Leonardo DiCaprio and Argentina’s Camila Morrone ended their relationship

International media report about a new rupture in the entertainment world. One that would involve the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio and the Argentine model Camila Morrone, who would have put an end to a four-year relationship and something more.

In particular, it was the magazine People who struck the blow And to “certify” it, he reached out to sources close to both the interpreter and the trans-Andean woman.

There were not many times that both were seen in public. Without going any further, the first time a photograph was taken of them, and which paved the way for them to be presented as a couple, was taken in December 2017, in Los Angeles, California.

A month later they already recognized their bond and even, later, at the Oscar Awards they were probably the most photographed couple of the evening.

The 25-year-old Argentine came into the life of the man behind The wolf of Wall Street time after the commented relations that this one maintained with Giselle B√ľndchen and Blake Lively.

While both are trends in social networks, as a result of the break in the last hours several users began to share the theory that revolves around the figure of DiCaprio: that he does not go out with women older than 25 years. What would be the proof of it? That, of course, Morrone, at the time of the breakup, was 25. She had turned them on June 16.

It should be clarified that, at the moment, none of those involved has referred to the alleged term.

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