After being discharged: Gabriel Prieto reappeared on social networks with a special message for his followers

It was at the beginning of October that it was revealed that the actor Gabriel Prieto had been admitted to the Luis Tisné Hospital as a result of a multisystem failure after catching the bug.

The interpreter of Until I find you he spent more than three months hospitalized, worrying not only the theater world about his health, but also all his followers.

His friend and colleague Magdalena Max-Neef was updating the actor’s state of health through his social networks, and he was the one who revealed that Prieto had been discharged a few days ago.

“Gabito is already at home after 4 months of uncertainty. At least 3 times during this process we thought we were going to lose you, but you fought and the miracle happened, ”said the actress on her Instagram account.

Likewise, Max-Neef added: “I firmly believe that this miracle is due to all the love that so many people sent you and of course the professionalism and humanity of the medical staff at the Luis Tisné Hospital.”

Gabriel, for his part, reappeared this Monday on his social networks with a special but brief message for all his followers, who were concerned about his serious state of health throughout this time.

“Thank you for so much love,” wrote the interpreter in his stories.

It is worth mentioning that this weekend, the Teatro Aparte company dedicated one of the performances of the play De 1 a 10 to Gabriel and informed the public of the good news that the actor was already home.

“Our dear and beloved friend Gabriel Prieto is already discharged, we dedicate this function to him and we want him to be on stage with us soon,” they said.