After 6 years a group of fans revive Playstation Home


Playstation Home was conceived as a 3D social platform, where Playstation 3 users could visit different places and the houses of other players, a platform that was launched in 2008 as a beta, but that closed its doors in 2015, and a team of fans has revived this platform and it will be operational this year.

After its closure in 2015 the team of Destination Homelooked for a way to keep Playstation Home active, managing to obtain a functional version of this platform but offline, being able to be executed both on PS3 and on Emulators of this console.

However, it was not until recently that PlayStation Online Network Emulated (PSONE) jointly managed to launch this service online, according to Destination Home, the Playstation Home platform will be accessible to players online at the end of this year.

As explained by the medium VGCthe project intends to preserve this space for the players, and at no time take advantage of this, in fact they have refused to receive donations of any kind, to avoid the possible legal complications of manipulating a Sony project.

This is certainly good news for some who are nostalgic for this platform, which never reached a final version and now a group of fans will leave it alive for posterity.