Adriana Chechik shows the scar from her operation and talks about other details

adriana chechik has returned to direct after the accident of TwitchCon 2022 where I know had broken his backnow in Twitter shows his scar streaming and talk about other details.

The same Chechik already confirmed in another later direct that the back injuries in that event were worse than expected.

In one of the clips that have been recorded in his latest direct, he appears already standing and talks about how the surgeons did a magnificent job with the operation.

In the video she says that she asked -being a model- that the stitches were hidden or “inside” she is heard saying before brushing her hair back.

Turning to the camera, a visible scar appears from almost the entire back, but much more prominent in the middle part of it.

Of course, a user in the answers assures that he should not say more “I have broken my back“, since he comments having a relative that has happened to him, she is perfectly fine in comparison.

He has literally recovered in 3 weeks. One does not break his back and recovers in 3 weeks“, he assures with a tweet.

TwitchCon had other incidents besides this

Although things did not turn out that way and Chechik herself – already sitting down – came out to comment on another situation after the back operation, such as discovering something already growing inside her.

In another clip shared by Jake Lucky it reads: “Adriana Chechick recounted finding out she was pregnant while visiting doctors.

She was unable to keep the baby due to the surgery she had to undergorevealing that he didn’t know until he got there.

Refering to demand towards Twitch that many recommended to him, this time he has not said anything about it. But he mentioned that no one from the event has contacted her to check on how she’s doing.

We’ll see how it goes in the coming weeks, since the recovery continues until the doctors tell him that he is 100% back.

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For now Adriana Chechik continues with her scar and other details after the TwitchCon incident.