Adrian Fernandez | He fell in love with Colo Colo and today he is a real estate consultant in Dubai: “It changed my life”

Before beginning the interview, Adrián Fernández receives a call. He answers and responds in fluent English: “I also speak Bulgarian, German and Italian,” says the former striker as he puts the phone down. 18 years after passing through Colo Colo, ‘Carucha’ is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. That hard-working footballer who won the affection of the ‘Cacique’ fans today works as a real estate consultant.

“I arrived in Abu Dhabi at the end of 2019 and settled with the family in 2020. Thank God I had to be here during the pandemic because it was one of the countries that managed it best. I came as a coach and I was working, until one of my best friends proposed this topic to me: I sell houses and apartments on Palm Island in Dubai. It’s crazy never thought of, it changed my life. I’m happy because I reinvented myself.” recounts ‘Carucha’ Fernández in dialogue with AS.

– Was the adaptation difficult?

When I arrived, I had to prepare myself with an agent from England and he told me ‘look, Adrián, I don’t see a future for you because you will make friends and not clients, and you will waste a lot of time. Your first rent will be in three months and your first sale will be in a year.’ I went to face my best friend and I said ‘listen to me, this fucking Englishman told me that he was useless. What conditions did you see me, boludo?’. He explained to me that the language issue was key. ‘Be yourself’, he told me. I started calling friends and that’s how I left.

– How did it go at the beginning?

– My friends introduced me to other people and in one month I had three sales and six rents. I went from being the new to the best in the company. My statistics were better than in football, the English wanted to kill themselves (laughs).

– It’s been almost two years. How is business now?

– It went so well for me that another company hired me and brought me to Dubai, where the market is strong. My wife told me ‘forget football’ because in a couple of weeks I made a year’s salary as youth coordinator. I gained one more profession and felt like I can do big numbers again. Before, it depended on what job I could find in football and now the panorama has opened up for me.

– How do you feel about this new life?

– When I was 16 years old and I started training with the First of New Chicago, I looked at the biggest and I saw professional people. They knew the subject and I wanted to be like them. Now something similar happens to me: I see the agents and they said ‘this son of a bitch has it all figured out’, so I want to train myself to be at their level. It is a new experience and it motivates me. Also, I have Latin American mischief and soccer helps me. I enlarge and say that I played in Colo Colo (laughs).

– But he left football. Mixed feelings?

-. I feel connected to soccer because I make the soccer players who are here invest. Several Argentines and Brazilians choose an apartment with me and then invite me to watch the games. I became the real estate agent for the players.

– Five years ago he visited Pablo Guede’s training session in Colo Colo because he wanted to be a coach…

– Yes, I was still with the idea of ​​training myself to be a coach. I have the UEFA license, the Argentine one and I did sports management in Barcelona, ​​but I already told you: my wife told me ‘now train yourself in this’ (laughs).

– Do not return to the field, then?

– No, because I really like what I do. Being a coach is very sacrificed and unfair because you present a work idea and the players have to execute it. If the ball hits the post and goes away, you have to put up with guys who don’t understand anything about football and who say that your work is useless. That’s very stressful and I’m a happy guy. I lived through it and there was no time for the family, I didn’t like it.

– I thought I dreamed of directing Colo Colo…

– I am a fan and I watch the games. Colo Colo is a great club and I was fortunate to wear that shirt. I put a lot of passion into it, as I do with everything. I left everything in training because they were pure players with a very high level, more Carucha (laughs). I had to work twice as hard.

– Do you feel that the people of Colo Colo are fond of you?

– The fans are phenomenal, they love me because they saw a kid who left his soul in every ball. That was my way of playing in Colo Colo, which was a tough and winning team. They saw a crazy person who ran, crashed into the defenders and threw himself at their feet. I got off the airport and realized what Colo Colo meant, so I knew he had to kill me.

– How many times did you see the great goal against Audax?

– They always send it to me on Instagram and I share it. Everyone tells me that I keep stealing with that goal, but if I don’t repost it, I look bad with people (laughs).

– It was something unforgettable, I imagine.

– I was young and felt a lot of pressure. He was not psychologically prepared and in the press conferences he said any nonsense. The elite footballer knows how to handle himself. So when I scored the goal, I was emotional. I feel proud to have played in Colo Colo.