According to Sony, they do not see Xbox Game Pass as competition from PlayStation

As a Christmas gift for lovers of the console war, today a piece of information has come out, which, if true, would end up naming Sony and its CEO, Jim Ryan, as one of the most hypocritical and liars in the industry. According to sources, the CEO of Sony would have stated that the Xbox Game Pass subscription service does not represent a real competition to PlayStation due to its low numbers.

According to Insider Gaming and his sources, in a direct question to Jim Ryan about Xbox Game Pass, he would have responded forcefully about the “low” numbers of the service and how well positioned the new PlayStation 5 is in comparison. Apparently, and as he confirms, PS5 sales are going very well, so they do not consider the service as competition. But despite this, it goes against what they have been doing with the Activision and Call of Duty case against Microsoft.

When we consider Game Pass, it seems to be declining [los números de Game Pass]. When we consider Game Pass, we have sold more PS5s in two years than they have gathered subscribers and have been doing so for 6-7 years.

Sony reveals the inconsistency with its statements and actions against Xbox

Now, with respect to these statements, we notice inconsistencies due to the withering pressure that they are making to stop the purchase of Activision by Microsoft. In their intention to stop the agreement, they have made statements that make them hypocritical in the general view, since access to these games would be cut off and it would be “bad for the competition, bad for the gaming industry and bad for the players themselves.” . But on the other hand, they continue to create exclusive agreements with multiplatform games like Final Fantasy or Call of Duty.

At this moment, we are faced with the situation that Xbox has Sony as its biggest opponent, since it is the company that is most opposed to this acquisition. Thus, both the regulators and the CMA and the FTC, even some players have filed lawsuits to block the purchase, this being what Microsoft will have to face in the coming months in order to proceed with its plans to include great games on Xbox. GamePass.