A study indicates that 56.4% of players suffer attacks of extreme anger with video games

We have just learned of a study conducted by ben treanorof time2playwhere an attempt has been made to analyze how frequent attacks of rage are in players, caused by video games, and which titles or game modes are the ones that most provoke them.

Through a survey of 1046 players with an age of 28.6 years old of average and an average of hours of game a week of 14.9 hoursit is shown that a 56.4% of those surveyed he gets very angry with the games, at least once a week, having fits of rage or fury. Of those surveyed, the 18.4% also claims to have broken something in this moment of fury (controls, tables, etc.), while a 25.5% indicates that he has “lashed out at a loved one” because of video games.

This report also indicates that the players who get the most angry, a 56.4%are users of Xbox and the videogame saga Call of Duty. The 23.5% of the players surveyed have stated that Call of Duty It was the title that annoyed and disturbed him the most, mainly because of its competitive game and the problems associated with hackers, one of the causes that causes the most extreme anger. The second title that generates the most anger is the saga Mario Kart.

Another reason that causes more attacks of anger are usually bugs or errors in the game, the camperos in competitive online mode and the most common is losing repeatedly in the same level, something attributable to some titles such as the Dark Souls saga.

One of the most interesting curiosities of the study is in the saga Grand Theft Autogiven that it is the title that least annoys the players, with a 19.4% of those surveyed, something interesting if we see how this saga has been attacked through sensationalist media.

Next, we leave you with the data:

What do you think of these data? Has any title caused you these attacks of rage? We read you.


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