“A streamers tournament has a higher level than Colo Colo”: controversial Argentine journalist reviews the “Cacique” for free

The subject, of course, has a context, he did not bring up Colo Colo just because. But it turns out that Pablo Carrozza, the controversial Argentine journalist who often gets into discussions with Chileans on social networks and targets our football, is once again in the eye of the hurricane after attacking the “Cacique”.

It all started when the communicator was talking about Independiente de Avellaneda, one of the biggest cadres on the other side of the mountain range, which, however, has not achieved any prominence for several years. It was along these lines that, on his channel YoutubeCarrozza questioned the recent arrival of Leandro Stillitano to the “Red” bench.

And to argue, he referred to the white cast and local football. Although at first the one who took all the ninguneos was the DT:

“This kid, beyond being the one who put batteries in Holan’s drones, beyond being Holan’s link with Bebote Álvarez —former head of the Independiente bar—…, I am going to put the wiretaps I have from the now DT from Independiente with the head of the bar, because at the time they went to declare and now they are all distracted ”, began his minute of fury.

Then he resumed: “This Stillitano boy came from being an assistant to Colo Colo…, that Colo Colo is more or less a team like the one that played the other day on the Los Andes field with Coscu, Marquitos Navaja, like the streamers tournament that They played on the field of Los Andes”.

“They have a higher level than Chilean soccer, the journalists’ league is more than Colo Colo and, of course, since they couldn’t find Quinteros they said ‘well, what do I know, we need someone’.”

In short, Carrozza trashed the new DT of the “Red” and took advantage of his past in the “Cacique” to review them for free…