a progressive revolution of special diets

Margaux Fodere
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08:56, January 11, 2023

The pension reform will take place. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Tuesday unveiled the content of the most anticipated reform of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term. Retirement age, minimum pension, long careers but also the end of the main special schemes… This will notably concern the RATP, the electricity and gas industries, clerks and employees of notaries but this will not affect current contributors.

Only new entrants concerned

We are therefore talking more about a very gradual evolution of the special schemes rather than an abolition since only future recruits will be affected by this reform. This is called the grandfather clause and which constitutes an advantage over other employees, according to Bruno Chrétien, president of the Institute for Social Protection,

“Only people who are now entering the regime will be targeted. The people who are there, who are 35, 45, 50 years old, are under the current system. So the reform will take around forty years to apply to them. . Unlike what is done for employees who immediately have the application of a new regime, “he explains.

Increase in the legal retirement age in 2025

On the other hand, for all the current employees of these special schemes, the legal age of departure will indeed be shifted by two years, as for those affiliated to the general scheme. But again, it’s not for now. It will not be before 2025: “As part of the special schemes, the reform will come into force late compared to other employees, because of the previous reform which took place under Éric Woerth”, explains Bruno Chrétien.

Certain special regimes will not even be affected at all by these various measures, those of the Paris Opera and the Comédie Française and the sailors-fishermen, because of the specificity of their professions. As for civil servants, they will have to work longer. On the other hand, they will keep their rule for calculating the pension, over the last six months of their career, and not over the best 25 years, as is the case in the private sector.