“A mouth cover”: the furious defense of Perla Ilich against the followers who criticize her

He tired! Perla Ilich got bored of receiving criticism on social networks from some of her followers and she shared a harsh defense to defend herself against the bad vibes they send her.

The former reality girl is quite active on her Instagram account, where she has more than 764,000 followers and usually shows part of her day-to-day life to her fans.

However, Perla has also had to deal with hateful messages for selling advertising or raffles on her networks.

Tired of having to deal with the questions, the former contestant of The Chef’s Disciple shared a furious unfiltered statement, defending herself against her detractors.

Perla’s emphatic message

“A covered mouth, ignorant people who comment for the sale of advertising or a raffle. Let’s see ma’am, I’ll answer you like this: do you eat? Do you go to the store and they give you things? Do you pay for water, electricity, telephone, gas? Do your children ask you for things and you ask for them as a gift and give them to them? ”, She started pointing at the message.

“I consume the same as each of the ignorant people who comment that I raffle or sell things and advertise,” he continued.

Along the same lines, he assured that “for your information, what I do is what any mother does. To maintain her life without asking or taking anything from anyone.

“Why sell advertising at a value that an SME can afford, it is a business for both that person and for me. Doing a raffle is a job for me and many others, receiving a profit and giving that person the opportunity. Also, selling products as a merchant is a source of pride for me,” she added.

Finally, Perla concluded her rant with a blunt message to the critics: “so the ignorant ones who get into my profile to insult: spend your time working.”

Several followers came out to support the former reality girl for the release she shared. “This is how you talk”, “As is, neither more nor less”, “All the reason”, “Don’t pay attention”, were some of the comments.

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